Transit Rhodos

Three audio pictures with photos of a border strip and Old Testament texts on migration

in 2018, hennric jokeit, a photo artist and neuroscientist in zurich, spent a few days in the vast, deserted southwest of the greek island of rhodes. it is only 20 kilometers away from the turkish coast. the beaches are flat and the land sparsely populated. on a stretch of beach less than 200 meters long, he discovered dozens of sandals, shoes and flip-flops, mostly in pitiful condition, not a single pair was found among them. they were “made in syria”, “china”, “turkey”, “south africa”.

in the three audio images, the photographs of these finds come together with text excerpts — read by actresses elisa plüss and susanne-marie wrage — from the old testament around themes of flight, conquest, and migration, and condense into a touching and somber work in experimental video art aesthetics by elvira isenring and a sound composition by rolf laureijs.

the premiere took place in three parts:
part i (fright): 23. april 2020 | part ii (fight): 24. april 2020 | part iii (flight): 25. april 2020 | 8 pm each

picture:hennric jokeit

period: 29. april – 13. juni 2020

location: neumarkt digital

Production Team

Fotographien: Hennric Jokeit

Stimmen: Elisa Plüss, Susanne-Marie Wrage

Dramaturgie: Hayat Erdoğan

Sound: Rolf Laureijs

Video: Elvira Isenring

Elisa Plüss

Hayat Erdoğan

Rolf Laureijs