Storytellers mit Brandy Butler & Guests

Contemporay Musical Voices and the Stories They Tell

brandy butler and the brokenhearted (24.10.19)

songs, songs, songs — soundtrack of our inner life, soundtrack of our time. songs are pop, art and poetry, commentary, battle cry or declaration of love, personal and political, “entertainment” or “education”, supra-temporal or contemporary, highly personal expression and resonating space of reality. they are communication and stories — if we listen. singer-songwriters are authors, composers and performers of their own narrative. in this series, ensemble member, soul singer and activist brandy butler invites contemporary songwriters to share the stories, questions and concerns of their songs. she will kick off the series herself, accompanied by her band the brokenhearted.

ella ronen (19.12.2019)

brandy butler — ensemble member, soul singer and activist — invites contemporary songwriters* to share with and about their songs. in december, this may also become a bit cozy and even contemplative — with songs and sounds that swing between middle eastern influences, indie rock and pop: the israeli newcomer, swiss by choice and former “the voice” contestant ella ronen, together with anisa djojoatmodjo on guitar, presents her songs, some of them from her as yet unreleased album «motherland» — a musical exploration of how to find belonging or togetherness, perhaps even «home in homelessness» in a world marked by migration and mobility. 

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Konzept: Brandy Butler

Gäste: u.a. Ellen Ronen

Brandy Butler