Parlament der Dinge, Tiere, Pflanzen und Algorithmen (Parliament of things, animals, plants and algorithms)

Residence installation and regular reading circle

during their two-month residency, seraina dür and jonas gillmann explore cross-species narratives and modes of communication beyond hostility, dominance, abuse, and belittlement. they turn the chorgasse into a laboratory where they work on the grammar of a trans-species language. they will be supported by the knowledge and vocabulary of four urban pigeons that will live and breed in chorgasse. in addition, in cooperation with the institute for textile research, they search for a linguistics of fabric and acquire textile techniques that enable cross-species storytelling. in a reading group that takes place every 14 days, the residents reflect on their practical process.

installation at chorgasse:
open tuesdays from 11–19 

a pigeon reading group
a reading circle by, with and about pigeons in cooperation with sara bernasconi.

filmscreening (15.10.2019, 19:30)

“donna haraway: story telling for earthly survival” (2016)
in 1984 haraway wrote the highly influential essay “a cyborg manifesto” — an attempt to break down the binary structures between man and woman, organism and machine, animal and human. no less provocative is her current motto: “make yourselves relatives!” with this, the feminist theorist responds to debates about the so-called anthropocene, which places humans as the main actors of history and the world. haraway, on the other hand, calls out the age of chthulucene to bring other creatures — octopuses, spiders, or dogs — into focus in the narrative. and not only that: new relationships are to be created in the process, transversely to ideas of biological kinship.

brussels filmmaker fabrizio terranova spent several weeks with donna haraway and her dog cayenne at their home in southern california. terranova explored haraway’s personal universe and the evolution over many years of her views on kinship and planetary well-being, allowing haraway to speak in her own environment while using green screen projections and archival footage to highlight the scientist’s playful and cerebral sensibility.

fabrizio terranova’s intimate film portrait allows us to participate in the thought processes of this important contemporary thinker.

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Production Team

Konzept: seraina dür, jonas gillmann

A Pigeon Reading Group: Initiiert von Seraina Dür, Jonas Gillmann und Sara Bernasconi

Tiere: 4 stadttauben

Jonas Gillmann

Seraina Dür