Mimikry: Wellness Retrotopia

Theater and sauna — an immersive wellness archaeology

the property at neumarkt 5 was once a sanatorium. now, on the occasion of the rediscovery of the “bilgeri healing spring”, it is revived: with real sauna, homemade floating tank, reclining cure, regulative therapy, “wellness in death”, light showers and bathing in the hot well. while everyday life delivers drama, theater beckons as a low-stimulus wellness place for mental and physical regeneration: this is wellness retrotopia. let yourself be pampered, actively, passively or interpassively.

wellness experts from art, medicine and science will take care of your relaxation and well-being. you are in the very best hands. just float. retrotopia nostalgiewellness™ makes loss and uprootedness enjoyable — an inner adventure journey for those overstimulated, self-reference training for the labor force that is becoming unnecessary, and instant relief for the desperate longing for continuity in a fragmented world. everything that disturbs or harms is moved out to our fat-room at chorgasse 5, visit on request.


pictures: stefan burger

period: february 6 — february 16, 2020

location: neumarkt saal

Production Team

Künstlerische Leitung: hayat erdogan, Dr. Philipp Hauß, julia reichert

Raumkonzept: Simeon Meier

Ausstattungshospitanz: Ikonija Stanimirovic

Chefärzte & Chefärztinnen: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hennric Jokeit, Prof. Dr. Claus Pias, Dr. nar. Anneke Janssen, Prof. Dr. med. Cornelius Borck, Dr. Dawid Kasprowicz, Prof. Dr. Jan Müggenburg, Prof. dig. nat. Angel Schmocker

Saaltöchter & Saalsöhne: Alireza Bayram, Brandy Butler, Hannah Drill, Jeremy Nedd, Janna Rottmann, Jakob Leo Stark, Stefanie Steffen, Sascha Ö. Soydan, Nora Wagner

Special Guests: Die Brunnenheizer*innen, Dr. Niklaus Ingold, Army of Love (Ingo Niermann, Alessandro Schiattarella u. a.)

Hayat Erdoğan

Julia Reichert

Simeon Meier

Alireza Bayram

Brandy Butler

Jeremy Nedd

Jakob Leo Stark

Sascha Özlem Soydan

Nora Wagner