Measure for Pleasure

another period piece

the new “costume drama” by benny claessens focuses on the schoolgirls of the töchterschule (school for girls), which was housed at neumarkt 5 from 1811 to 1877. when they are reawakened in the performers teresa vittucci and rob fordeyn, a new kind of experience has taken the place of their upbringing, which was oriented towards patriarchy and economic obligations: the dionysian, waste and lust. a play about the sensual awakening of a new cult, the rewriting of history, female resistance, and the reversal of social conditions in favor of a lustful life of desire, abandonment, and intoxication. “measure for pleasure” forms the final part of claessen’s period pieces.

“the evening of dramaturg tine milz and actor benny claessens works frontally and where the belly determines the head. ‘measure for pleasure’ is a cultural-historical and pop-cultural — aesthetically inspired by peter greenaway — screen painting, stage concert and a sound-technical time capsule with feminist theories about the invention of the myth of woman. it is a shocking, bizarre, yet in its artistic setting immensely compelling panorama of the aberrations called woman. what unfolds in stefan britze’s chamber around the privates of rob fordeyn and the body of teresa vittucci is pathetic but uncompromisingly beautiful.” (nzz of 11.10.2019)

this piece was co-authored by all participants.

picture: philip frowein

premiere (saal): 3.10.2019


Teresa Vitucci, Rob Fordeyn

Production Team

Konzept & Regie: Benny Claessens

Dramaturgie: Tine Milz

Bühne: Stefan Britze

Regieassistenz: gabriel wörfel

Bühnenhospitanz: Lea Niedermann

Teresa Vittucci

Rob Fordeyn

Benny Claessens

Tine Milz

Stefan Britze

Lea Niedermann