Approved for viewing by people over 8 years

in this production for young and old with elements of action comedy, science fiction, fairy tale and escape story, director dominik locher conjures up a post-apocalyptic zurich, in the ruins of climate catastrophe and climate war in the year 2042. river limmat and the lake are poisoned, the prime tower is destroyed, the main station is under water and two hostile gangs dominate the destroyed zurich. with the blooming friendship between two children from the hostile camps, the happy ending looms. together they investigate the rumor of a portal in the engadine that should lead to the kids of no nation: a universe with respect for man and nature, without greed and war. the two main actors, ensemble member alireza bayram and 17-year-old student nellie hächler, will take you and your little ones and grown-ups on a journey to a hopeful future for one evening.

duration: 70 minutes

“the storytelling of the play with a good pinch of fantasy and a happy ending is clearly aimed at children. but because of that, to dismiss the vision of the future drawn in ‘k.o.n.n.’ as an exaggerated scenario of a science fiction-inspired children’s theater would be a big mistake. for the content of the play bluntly comes across as a slap in the face. one where a red handprint shows where the cheek still burns.” (tsüri)

“even if locher’s direction finds breathtakingly delicate images for the omnipresent fragility: how animator joana locher live-animates here a water and oil paint cosmos and projects it on the wall and floor of the supple multifunctional quarter pipe has a magic that almost makes you forget the hard stuff. a piece for the greta generation.” (tages-anzeiger)

picture: philip frowein

premiere (saal): 5.12.2019

location: neumarkt saal


alireza bayram, nellie hächler

Production Team

Regie & Text: Dominik Locher

Komposition: matteo pagamici

Dramaturgie: Tine Milz

Bühne: Simeon Meier

Kostüm: Laura Locher

Life-Zeichnung: joana locher

Regieassistenz: Francis Meier

Ausstattungsassistenz: viviane rapp

Alireza Bayram

Nellie Hächler

Dominik Locher

Tine Milz

Simeon Meier