Das LIFESTYLE THEATER™ von Para P und Para T

Exercises for takeovers — Quarantine Edition

actually, para p & para t wanted to explore zurich’s urban society with their cousins in may, invent lifestyle theater™ and take over the world. now they have to stay home for diplomatic reasons. they don’t let that stop them. instead of niederdorf, global village. how to hack the hochkultur? director pınar karabulut and performer and actress tina keserović, a duo infernale, play on instagram for three weeks. sexy, but also a bit nato-ish: talks and tutorials, kültür and kanakademie, pinkie and the brain: lifestyle theater™ at its best!

from and with pınar karabulut, tina keserović, julia reichert and guests


on the instagram-channel of neumarkt.


“i think us bad bitches is a gift from god.” (cardi b)

who or what are para p and para t?

para t & para p are the ones you want to see, the ones you are afraid of, your fetish and your worst nightmare, we are 1001 nights. (para p)

what do para p and para t want?

para p & para t want to take over the world and invent lifestyle theater™. that’s why they become influencers. (para t)

period: 14. mai – 29. mai 2020

location: instagram/neumarkt digital

Production Team

Von und mit: Tina Keserovic und Pınar Karabulut