Festival with a night of 1001 dreams, with lectures and party

from friday evening until the morning hours of sunday, in cooperation with the psychoanalytic seminar zurich (psz), we will devote ourselves scientifically, artistically and immersively to dreams and their interpretations. dream along!

festival friday, november 29, 2019

from 4 pm
vernissage of the exhibition romance (chorgasse 5) with works by german artist natalia drabik. drabik will be awarded this year’s psz prize, the missing link, this saturday for her interdisciplinary exchange with psychoanalysis in her work“heiligtümer und fetische (sanctuaries and fetishes)”

from 9 pm
the night of 1001 dreams. visitors and artists gather for collective dream telling and dream interpretation. a sound installation by andres bosshard leads through the evening and the night. also to be experienced: live drawings by karolin schreiber, a scenic dream performance by una szeemann, a radio play by san keller’s dream collection action “die halbschlafenden (the half asleep)” and excerpts from the film “closing time” by nicole vögele.

from 0 o’clock 
from midnight it’s bedtime, those who want to stay for the slumber party in the theater, spend the night on stage. the night becomes a panopticon of dreams, the participants tell each other their dreams, interpret them and interpret them further. one will immerse oneself in them, hear them, listen to them — see them? — one will doze and wake up again, eat and drink.

festival saturday, november 30, 2019

9 o’clock 
breakfast after the night of 1001 dreams

10 o’clock
telepathic transmission: a mise en scène after wolfgang leuschner with hayat erdoğan and julia reichert

10 o’clock
dream dialogue with maria steiner fahrni, veronica defièbreand rony weissberg

1:30 pm 
“to die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream: ay there’s the rub!” the hitch in interpreting dreams: fabian ludwig, pierre passet and husam suliman in conversation

2.30 pm 
“consideration for presentability”. a lecture by manuel zahn about resonances and transmissions between dream and film.

3.30 pm
“procedural dreams – emergence in digital games”. a lecture by florian faller

5 pm
“the stuff that dreams are made on: shakespeare’s dream factory”. a lecture by elisabeth bronfen

6 pm
awarding of the psz prize the missing link (award winner natalia drabik, laudatio: laudatio prof. em. hartmut böhme, berlin/hamburg) and the psz sponsorship award link 2 future (award winners lilith becker und sophie schmidt, laudatio: josiane imhasly, cuarator zürich). lilith becker from stuttgart receives the prize for her two videos divje jezero (wild lake) and sophie schmidt from munich for her video of the performances for her project prothesenlexikon.

7 pm 

from 9 pm
dreamy party curated by nicola schneider (hive)

more actions around agent traum – traum agent

traumstationen (21. september – 30. november 2019)

like dreams themselves, the event agent traum – traum agentbegins before. between 21.9. and 30.11. various dream stations are located in the city and canton of zurich, in lucerne and in aargau. stations in bookstores, in the helmhaus, in libraries and in the neumarkt, in the psz and in the hotel encourage people to write down dreams, to deposit them in writing or to send them in electronically. whoever wants will get an interpretation back. in addition, there are phone numbers: one where you can record dreams and one where you can listen to dreams. another dream station will be mobile, sometimes here, sometimes there, and will offer the possibility to directly tell a dream reader the own dream. other dream stations will be occupied and supervised by artists: san keller, claudia maria lehner, raphael perret und una szeemann.

exhibition romance

works of the missing link award winner natalia drabik

in her first solo exhibition, german artist natalia drabik shows paintings, drawings and words. the exhibited works thematize transfiguring romanticism and the feeling of latent insecurity.
friday, 29.11.2019 from 16–21 o’clock
saturday, 30.11.2019 from 12–18 o’clock
sunday, 01.12.2019 from 12–18 o’clock

audioinstallation/concertdie halbwachen 2

a night concert with san keller (mic) and tom huber (key) and the sleeping listeners — please bring a pillow and blanket.
tuesday to wednesday, 12/3–4/2019 from 11–7 p.m.

other project participants

raphael perret: dream in

how does it dream around the globe? the attempt to collect and interpret dreams across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

una szeemann: oneironauts

i dreamed that you dreamed,
that we dreamed at the same time,
that i have to tell you one of my dreams.
it’s pretty stupid,
in the midst of the room filling smile
flashes a huge gold tooth.

rupert jaud: bevor nichts passiert

dreams turn the order upside down, turn the end into a beginning, the day into night and vice versa, they disturb us, they grab us and tear us away into other worlds with other languages. and waking up is always different. the dream becomes a walkable, virtual soundscape in the open air.

claudia maria lehner …

… supervises and artistically designs the dream station in the winterthur city library — among other things with an object -, has designed the poster for the dream stations.

karoline schreiber …

… will transform the narrated dreams in the night of 1001 dreams pictorially — drawing and painting — and let that appear more or less parallel to the narrative on the wall.

andres bosshard …

… will create the night of 1001 dreams artistically and musically.

an event of the psychoanalytic seminar zurich (psz) in collaboration with neumarkt.

picture: philip frowein

period: 29./30.11.2019