7/11 — Performance supermarket

Come and see! Basic cultural services for just a little money!

disguised as a supermarket*, we surprise you with the diversity of zurich’s cultural scene. with the 7/11 performance supermarket, the neumarkt ventures the first tentative attempts to gather together again in one space, in compliance with nowadays valid and strict security measures. for a coin, the curtain opens to a cozy booth that now offers a view of the stage action behind a glazed wall for 15 minutes. at the same time, individual performances are streamed online. playing with closeness and voyeurism blurs the boundaries of the internet and the neumarkt between peepshow and cam*girls*boys*nonbinaries.

we have filled 40 slots with names from the independent scene. however, who will perform and when remains a surprise for you. will it be dance, a performance, a reading, a talk, a concert, a dj set, stand-up comedy, a statement or a speech that you experience? we promise a colorful program of stars and starlets, amateurs and professionals from zurich’s cultural scene, who will show their seductive skills from june 8–19, every weekday between 7 and 11 pm. every friday: djs only! in cooperation with helsinkiklub and zukunft nightclub, we invite you to dance in the boxes.

come, bring enough coins and be surprised: people are the ultimate spectacle. no ticket reservation possible. the first-come-first-served principle applies. please bring enough coins: cash only.

*while the term “supermarkt” in german-speaking countries generally describes most food markets, the english “supermarket” refers exclusively to food stores that cover a large usable area and are also usually large chains. we bracket out the idea that “supermarkets” are not in themselves open, diverse social spaces, but quite the opposite, represent and reinforce gentrification, discrimination, and classification. instead, we invite you into a supermarket of diversity.

with: david attenberger – i̇lknur bahadı – benedikt bock – brandy butler – sarah calörtscher – compagnie o – lara dâmaso –dana – milky diamond – er&sie – severin hallauer – gregory hari – helsinkiklub – anna hofmann – tobias holzer – jazztrio no. 197 – kanakademie (alireza bayram, pınar karabulut, tina keserović, brandy butler) – belinda und momo kunz – guillermo laskaaer – liv lilith – moira – ivy monteiro – yara bou nassar – jeremy nedd – rafał pierzyński – kamran behrouz & tracy september – edwin arsenio ramirez – ella ronen – jakob leo stark – rahel sternberg – stirnimann/stojanovic – sascha soydan – weinbergschnecken

period: 8. juni – 19. juni 2020

location: neumarkt saal

Production Team

künstlerische leitung & konzept: Brandy Butler, Tine Milz

Raumkonzept: Simeon Meier

Simeon Meier

Tine Milz

Brandy Butler