52 Hertz

A home theater

neumarkt’s first analog theater production since the proclamation of the extraordinary situation, “52 hertz”, is coming to your home by mail. on the day of the performance at 9 pm, your kitchen becomes the stage, the starting point of a journey. you put out the light and open the envelope: tectonic shifts begin in your kitchen, a search for the impossible in the possible and for the connection from the i to the you. what form of encounter does a letter create? what form of community is created when we can’t come together in the theater hall, but we can come together at the same time, in similar spaces, with the same mail, to experience theater together, and with a very special power in our luggage: the power of imagination? “52 hertz” is an attempt at an encounter at a distance and a plea for the transformative power of theater.

picture: flavio karrer

period: 30. april – 31. mai 2020

location: your home

Production Team

text & Regie: Anna-Kirstine Linke

Bühne: Anna Gohmert

Dramaturgie: Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Anna-Kirstine Linke

Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic